USDA Rural Placemaking Innovation Challenge: Work, Live & Play

Placemaking involves the collective reimagining and reinventing of public spaces through a collaborative process that allows communities to decide what they value most. Tribuquent supports the development of placemaking plans with a focus on broadband advancement. Aligned with the USDA's Rural Placemaking Innovation Challenge, these plans involve collaboration among public, private, philanthropic, and community stakeholders, enhancing social, cultural, and economic dimensions.

NTIA Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program

In partnership with the Lower Sioux Indian Community in Minnesota, Tribuquent is undertaking the Lower Sioux Broadband Infrastructure Deployment Project. This initiative is set to provide cutting-edge fiber to the home broadband access to 170 homes and businesses within the community, addressing existing connectivity gaps.

USDA ReConnect Round 3

Tribuquent's collaboration with the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma aims to connect 1,388 households across a geographic span of 653 miles through the Broadband infrastructure project. This initiative addresses the need for reliable broadband access in underserved areas.

USDA Rural Energy Pilot Program

Tribuquent, in partnership with the Pawnee Nation, is championing renewable energy through a holistic approach. This project aims to establish a diversified distributed energy system, enhance weatherization, promote community resilience, and publish renewable energy development studies.

USDA ReConnect Round 4

Continuing its partnership with the Pawnee Nation, Tribuquent is extending ReConnect Round 3's impact. This "Last Mile" project targets the City of Pawnee and Payne County, aiming to pass over 2,135 locations during its construction.

Federal Communications Commission - Affordable Connectivity Program

In collaboration with the White Earth Reservation and the Pawnee Nation, Tribuquent is driving outreach activities to assist low-income and qualified households in registering for federal ACP subsidies. This program ensures that households have affordable broadband access for work, school, healthcare, and more.

Department of Energy - HEROX - DAC Pre-Commercial EPIC Prize - TerraDAC Labs

The Terradac Project, a community-based alliance, is focused on advancing Carbon Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology in Oklahoma and the Midwest. Addressing the pressing need for climate change solutions, this project aims to restore the earth system for the well-being of future generations.

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