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At Tribuquent, we passionately collaborate with communities to shape a sustainable future. Our dedication is unwavering as we work to foster a world where technology and energy coexist harmoniously, igniting a vibrant economy. Through our commitment, we empower individuals and communities, guided by the values of dignity, equity, and justice. Our profound purpose drives us to create a world where communities, especially Native Tribes, can thrive amidst global challenges, preserving their cultural heritage and championing sustainability.


At Tribuquent, we aspire to create a transformative future where communication technologies and energy sources intertwine to build a thriving and sustainable ecosystem. Our vision envisions a world where people lead dignified and purposeful lives, while safeguarding the planet. Our commitment is to promote sustainability, ensuring prosperity for all communities.



With a profound passion for public sector and telecommunications, Lyle spearheads groundbreaking startup initiatives. His expertise in expanding broadband infrastructure demonstrates a commitment to connecting people. Lyle's dedication to supporting startup initiatives within tribal and small communities drives his vision for a future where individuals live, work, and collaborate harmoniously.


Having spent over a decade collaborating with communities across the American continent, Alex is driven by the exploration of collaborative avenues for human flourishing. His diverse experience in multicultural backgrounds fuels dedication to promoting circular economics and nurturing local entrepreneurs. Alex is passionate about the world and finding new alternatives where humans can find meaning and purpose.

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